Bulletin for December 24, 2017

The bulletin for December 24, 2017 is attached.

Christmas 2017: Mass Schedule

Sunday, December 24
5:00pm Mass
7:30pm Mass

Monday, December 25
12:00am (midnight) Mass
10:00am Mass

Bulletin for December 17, 2017

The bulletin for December 17, 2017 is attached.

Bulletin for December 10, 2017

The bulletin for December 10, 2017 is attached.

Mass Schedule for Dec 8: Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception: Holy Day of Obligation!

Thursday, Dec 7:
5:45-6:45pm Confessions
7:00pm Mass

Friday, Dec 8:
8:15am Mass (All School -- all are welcome)
10:45-11:45am Confessions
12:05pm Mass

Bulletin for December 3, 2017

The bulletin for December 3, 2017 is attached.

Bulletin for November 26, 2017

The bulletin for November 26, 2017 is attached.

Parish Mission by Fathers of Mercy is HERE!

Sunday, November 26-30 at St. Patrick Church, 17 St Patrick Lane!
Every evening
6:00pm Confessions available
7:00pm Mission begins (Thursday Night will be within Mass)

Childcare available (drop off as early as 6:00pm and pickup no later than 8:30pm in the gym)!

Bulletin for November 19, 2017

The bulletin for November 19, 2017 is attached.

Confirmation Formation for Fall 2018! <<New/Revised Timeline for our parish!>>

We are transitioning from a "start in august/ confirmed in Spring" track to a "start in January, confirmed in the Fall" track!
Sessions will generally be the 1st and 3rd Sundays, 5:00pm-6:45pm, January-April and August-September, 2018, in the Parish Center.
(official calendars were distributed at the Introduction meeting)

Parents wishing to keep current/review the program, and any candidates who miss sessions may follow this link to review the major content.


This means that CURRENT Sophomores and Juniors will start the preparation Process, but will be confirmed in the Fall of the Junior/Senior year.
If you missed the Introductory Meeting in Oct 2017, contact the parish office or Fr. Dave ASAP (frdave98@gmail.com)

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