FORMED How to sign in if you already have an account OR if you are new to it

If you already have an account, it is VERY EASY to sign back in!! You just simple go to and click on the words "sign in" and put in your email address, NO more putting a number!! And there you are!

If you have not signed into yet. I am attaching the pages you will see when you click on the words, "sign up".
You will see three choices to make. You will pick "I belong to a Parish or Organization."
After that you will see another page that ask you to "Create a New Account." You will type in the box, "St Patrick" and then a box will open up under that for you to scroll through and find your own Church. Then you will just put in your name for the account and put in your email address.

It's easy!! is filled with so many wonderful movies, lessons, facts, teachings, etc. LOTS of good stuff!

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