All Saints and All Souls day

Thursday, Nov 1 is the Solemnity of All Saints, and a HOLY DAY OF OBLIGATION
** Please Note ***
There will be NO COLLECTION for the Holy Day Masses. One of the precepts of the church, is the support of the church through our stewardship: time, talent and treasure. Our financial giving is based upon our income. (Just because there is a feast day and you're going to Mass in the middle of the week doesn't mean you suddenly made more income, or to say it another way, you don't give because you're going to Mass, it's about the support of your parish.)
Having said that, a person is always welcome to make a donation to the parish, and if you should wish do so, you may use a basket on the gift table at the back of church. --Fr Dave

Wednesday Oct 31:
5:00pm Confessions
6:00pm Mass

Thursday November 1:
8:15am Mass (with School)
5:00pm Confession
6:00pm Mass

Friday Nov 2, Feast of All Souls (not a Holy Day of obligation, but a beautiful way to pray for the dead)
8:15am Mass
9:00am 1st Friday Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in Chapel begins